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How I solve common marketing and advertising problems

My unusual business journey with an unexpected twist!

Creator and owner of the Marketing in Japan community

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How I solve common marketing and advertising problems…

I help businesses to plan, build or manage marketing systems and advertising campaigns, that are designed to consistently and affordably get more customers and increase revenue… In simple terms, I can help your business to make more money.

Marketing diagnosis and prescription

Building and testing marketing systems

Designing advertising campaigns

Agency services (campaign management)

PPC traffic generation (search and social)

High converting landing page designs

Lead generation and email list building

Marketing automation (sequences)

This is what I can do for you: Together with my small but highly skilled 'Remote Team' we have the technical know-how and experience to help drive highly targeted traffic / visitors to your website, business or store? Generate more leads and enquires, appointments, signups, free trials or downloads? Deploy highly optimized conversion strategies to convert more of your traffic / visitors into paying customers, clients or patients.

Do you need those kind of results? If yes, when would you like to start getting them?

If it’s right now, lets gently get the process started. All you need to do is click the button below and watch the short intro 'Get More Customers' video. I’ll explain how the process works and what you need to do next to start getting the results you want.

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Being honest, how valuable is yours?
“Did you know that your ability to consistently and affordably attract, convert and retain customers, is the most valuable asset you’ll ever own in your business.  It’s where the real value, growth and profit is made”…

Scott Asahina
Marketing, Advertising and Sales Problem Solver - Tokyo Japan

Marketing in Japan™ Online Community

Marketing in Japan is a: business, social networking and educational community for business owners, entrepreneurs, industry experts and startups who have an interest in: Domestic - Businesses in Japan that want to market, distribute and sell more of their products and services within Japan. Outbound - Businesses in Japan that want to export, market and distribute their domestic products and services in other countries. Inbound - International businesses that want to import, market and distribute their products and services within Japan. It’s also for students wanting to study marketing in Japan.

We aim to become the ‘go to’ community where business owners, entrepreneurs, students and expert marketers come together to search for solutions, share ideas and experiences, get feedback and connect with other passionate people just like you…

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Marketing in Japan™ Live Event Community

The official Marketing in Japan™ meetup is a live event community for small and medium size business owners, entrepreneurs, startups and students, who want to discover and learn how to market, advertise and sell more of their products or services, in and/or from Japan.

During the Marketing in Japan™ meetups, we will focus on the following two topics:

  • Traffic – Attracting good quality traffic (leads, visitors or callers) into your business, website or store
  • Conversion – Generating more income (sales) using proven tactics to convert more of your traffic into paying customers

We will hold (beginner, intermediate and advanced level) meetup sessions on developing, testing and improving a marketing system and advertising campaigns. We’ll also cover other marketing / business related topics that have proven to be popular based on your requests, votes and the analytical data we collect from Marketing in Japan website.

My LinkedIn Profile

Scott Asahina – LinkedIn Profile – Image / details above as of 2018-08-14


I’m Scott Asahina and this is what I do:

Do you want to drive more traffic (leads, visitors or callers) to your business, website or store? If yes, go to the ‘Get More Customers’ page to watch the short intro video.

Need Some Help?

I’ll listen to what you want, ask you a few simple questions
and give you some advice to help improve your advertising and get more customers