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Marketing, Advertising and Consulting

I help businesses to create marketing systems and advertising campaigns,
that are designed to consistently get more customers and make more money

More Traffic

More Traffic

Attracting good quality traffic (leads, visitors or callers) into your business, website or store

Increase Sales

Increase Sales

Generate more income (sales) using proven tactics to convert more of your traffic into paying customers

Boost Profits

Boost Profits

Retention, repurchase frequency, up-selling and referral tactics to boost revenue and profits

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I’m Scott Asahina and this is what I do:

Do you want to drive more traffic (leads, visitors or callers) to your business, website or store? If yes, please go to the ‘Get More Customers’ page to watch the short intro video to learn more.

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Done for you marketing services.
Would you like me and my team to help you plan and manage some, or all of your marketing activities?

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Feeling confused or overwhelmed?
Expert advice to help you plan, build and improve your marketing systems and advertising campaigns.

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Prevent costly marketing mistakes, random acts of guesswork and lost sales opportunities. Teach your team proven marketing and sales skills.

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Being honest, how valuable is yours?
“Did you know that your ability to consistently and affordably attract, convert and retain customers, is the most valuable asset you’ll ever own in your business.  It’s where the real value, growth and profit is made”…

Scott Asahina
Marketing, Advertising and Sales Problem Solver

Marketing Checklists, Cheat-Sheets and Guides


Checklists, Cheat-Sheets, Videos and Guides

Discover the insider ‘step-by-step’ tactics for consistently attracting quality traffic (leads, visitors or callers) and converting more of them into hot customers, clients or patients.

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I’ll listen to what you want, ask you a few simple questions
and give you some advice to help you improve your marketing and get more customers

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Do you make these any of mistakes when marketing?

#1 mistake in marketing is underestimating both the importance and complexity of the task…

#2 is delegating responsibility to someone with a lower vested interest in your success than you have…

#3 your marketing is driven by energy and enthusiasm, and not by strategy and systems…

“The greatest enemy of marketing is not ignorance, it’s the illusion of marketing competence”…

“It isn’t what you don’t know that gets you into trouble… It’s what you know for sure that just isn’t so”.